Digital records

of patients and caregivers

Patient demographics are just the beginning. Our goal is to help you leverage patient information to build a closer relationship with your panel.

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Track patient information to give each person the individualized attention they deserve.

It's not just about keeping the records anymore. Our platform helps you derive value from your digitized patient data through the automation it enables us to provide.

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of cleaner desks.

Digitize your patient records, so
you can automate your processes.

Import and export your data easily.
When you are ready to start using DocMeIn, import the your patient data in Excel (XLS) format. Take it with you when you go too.

Structured registry.
Patient information is cleanly separated into personal and administrative sections, as well as appointment and message history, maintaining a complete record of your interactions with the patient. You can also add free-form notes as necessary.

Quick lookups.
Search by specific fields when you need to find the right person.

Impress your patients
with how well you know them.

Let them know that they are the most important part of your practice.

No one patient is the same.
Keep track of each patient's communication preferences such as their language, the types of notifications they want to receive, the frequency of the notifications and how best to deliver them.

Empower caregivers.
When it's not appropriate to contact the patient, caregivers can be set up to make it easier to deliver care to children or elderly patients. All messages for patients with a caregiver will be directed to the caregiver.

Check full appointment and message history.
Have you ever wondered what really happened: what was the last time you saw the patient, whether they actually showed up or what exactly was communicated to them? Now the entire appointment history and message history is always at your fingertips.